As an archaeologist, there is nothing more exciting than uncovering objects that haven’t been seen for hundreds or thousands of years. However, the act of removing these artifacts from their context within the ground is in itself destructive. Once deposits are removed from the ground they cannot be put back, and any information that was

Aug 25 2020

By. Lucy J. Hamaamen Through guided research and analyses of a multitude of plantation women of Mary Overton’s time, one can determine a sound assumption of Mary’s life, status, and home expertise. To discuss these factors of antebellum women’s lives means to also immerse oneself into the social and economic matters of the time since

Jun 10 2020

Travellers Rest claims to have nearly one thousand years of history. However, based on a recently obtained radiocarbon date from a prehistoric cooking hearth there are closer to 800 years of history at the site. The radiocarbon date revealed that Native people were living at the site as early as 1270 to 1316 A.D., approximately

Jan 29 2020

Two Tennessee families share a unique history of a property and family connection along with an oral history about how they coped during a diphtheria outbreak in Nashville, Tennessee during the mid-1880s.  Travellers Rest, home of the Overton family was built in 1799 while Glen Leven, home of the Thompson family was built in 1857; their properties abutted each other with