Traveling Through Time

Trunk Programs

Can’t make it to us, no worries, let us bring history to you with our Travelling Trunks! From the Moundbuilders to the Civil War we offer a unique selection of programs for your classroom. All trunks are $5 per student with a $25 trunk fee/ minimum number of students 25, maximum number 150. Presented by a museum educator.

Mystery of the Mississippians

clay effigy

This clay effigy head was found in house site #1, excavated by the Southeastern Indian Antiquities Survey in 1967. Pottery making as part of ceremonial or burial practices is frequently found from the Mississippian period. This figure is believed to represent the Lodge Boy, who was one of the Hero Twins from Native American oral tradition. Image by Ben Crim, Travellers Rest Historic House Museum Collection.

The Mystery of the Mississippians brought to your classroom! Program includes a slideshow, artifact sharing, storytelling, gorget making, food tasting, and dancing the green corn dance

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Antique Amusements

Let your students explore the history of PLAY with this “amusing” traveling trunk. Program includes learning about and experiencing the science and fun of 19th century toys. Students will participate in play and make their own 19th century toy!

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Touched with Fire

Explore the story of the American Civil War in Middle Tennessee through the experiences of soldiers, civilians, and the enslaved. This program includes a slideshow, artifact sharing, food tasting, soldier drills, and learning a Civil War spy code.

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A Past Uncovered

Learn about the daily lives of the enslaved through primary resources, artifact sharing, and hand-on learning. Program includes a slideshow, artifact sharing, food tasting, storytelling, and a choice of hands-on activities


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